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What People are Saying!

“The combination of flavors. Sweet rice with the meat and spiciness. Perfect. “

“Coconut & rice are amazing together.”

“I liked the flavor/richness of the pork”

“crunchy yet soft and juicy. how?”

“unique – fast and easy”

“loved the crunch”

“no other place sells these! its perfect to satisfy a craving!”

“Really delicious! Great flavors and presentation, including the slaw.”

“Packed with coconutty richness. Comforting.”

“Very tasty, not messy, clean enough to eat with your hand.”

“The flavors are robust and complex – right amount of heat.”

“Its hefty and very generous.”

“Original, tasty, good value!”

“Texturally amazing, great taste food would travel well, perfect to bring back to the office.”

“It’s very tasty and filling. Perfect for an ‘on-the-go’ meal!”

“Delicious combination of flavors and textures. Love the crispy outside!”

“It’s savory and filling and I can hold it with one hand!”

“Crunchy – filling – flavorful”

“Tasty. Nicely fried. Unique idea!”

“Very flavorful and perfectly fried. Love the texture and look”

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